No one can make you get better. The battle for recovery is not between you and me. It’s not between your eating disorder and anyone else. The battle you have to fight to get better is inside of you. The battle you have to fight is between your healthy self and your eating disorder self.

8 Keys to Eating Disorder Recovery (via savingkadee)

I just wish my mum would understand this. I know she only does it because she loves me and cares, but I think I would be so much further ahead if she were to just take a step (or two) back.

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Anonymous: How is your progress going? Do you still exercise as much as you used to? Have you noticed any physical differences since the last time you posted a progress photo? How is your mental health? Hope college is going well for you.

Not as much as I’d like. Most days I go straight to college in the morning until mid-afternoon, then from there to work until very late. And as tired as I get, my body just will not accept that I need to sleep. I hate the “I don’t have time” excuse, but I have very little of it to spare (y’know, as disgusting as it sounds, when you’re so swamped that you can barely find enough time for a decent shower?).
Weekends are my exercise windows at the moment, until I get to grips with this schedule. Not terribly satisfied with my body recently (and I hold myself responsible) and trying to keep my head above water - which can sometimes prove difficult but I am trying.
Thanks for looking out for me x

Anyone from the UK want a code for a free Graze box? I have one but they still don’t ship to Ireland so I can’t use it :-(((

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