Anonymous: Can you think of anything fun to do in Dublin? I'm bored stiff D:

Hire tandem bikes in Phoenix park!

Anonymous: Sian. May I ask you something. Does your ed ever suggest losing weight to you? And if it does, what do you do?

It’s never a suggestion, it’s an order. It’s “You need to do this, I won’t let you enjoy life until you do. I’ll taunt you to the extremities of insanity, I’ll prise open those healed wounds with an unwashed finger. You will do as I say”. Those words are never said explicitly, but that’s how it translates, y’know? 

And isn’t that the whole point of recovery, to try and build up an immunity to this pestering? Some days I’m strong, some days I’m not. This strength isn’t concrete though. It can evaporate in a matter of hours - minutes, even.

Weight loss is something that has found permanent residence in the back of my head, whether or not I have “Recovered” rubber-stamped on my forehead. It’s always there like a stain on the carpet that you just can’t quite get rid of; you can hide it with furniture and forget about it, but it’s still there. 

So to answer your question, it’s like a persistent protest; megaphones, picketing, escalating into riots if untamed etc. 

Anonymous: Hey, what do you think about sugar? Do you avoid it or do you eat it a lot? If you use other stuff to sweetend things what is it? Have a nice day and a wonderful weekend :)

I try to avoid it as much as possible. I check ingredients to make sure there’s no added sugar in what I eat. Naturally-occurring sugars are fine.

If I find that something needs sweetening I’ll use a bit of honey. I love Manuka honey, but it’s just too expensive to ask my mom to get, so we just buy regular, natural honey. When we came back from New Zealand, we brought tubs of a brand of multiflora honey called Arataki with us. It was the most heavenly thing. It wasn’t syrupy like honey, but it was more of a paste consistency. But if ever go to New Zealand or can afford to order it online, I’d strongly recommend it. When I first started recovering I used to eat it.

Thank you! Have a great weekend yourself :-)

Anonymous: Hi! I remember a while ago you were wondering how to get "leaner legs" or thiner legs/ calves...? I just thought you should know STRETCHING is key here! Stretching out the muscles will lengthen them apparently. I was told this by my dance teacher. Think ballerina body... Extend, stretch, stretch, stretch!

Thank you! I can be a divil for neglecting my stretches, so I’ll priorities them from now on. My bAllet teacher used to chastise us all when she could tell we hadn’t been practicing our stretches…

Anonymous: do you have any stretch marks? I've just recently noticed the amount I have and it's a tad depressing.

Yeah, I have them on my backside. Don’t feel bad about it, they’re nothing to be upset over. They’re just a lil sign that your body has grown - and not necessarily expanded, but grown. Because that’s what living things do, they grow. 

Think of them as cute lil tiger stripes.

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